What is THE rotorthon?

The EUROPEAN ROTORS talent competition ROTORTHON covers all potential aspects of VTOL technologies and roles. The competition aims to provide visions and solutions for future problems of urban air mobility and VTOL operations. Examples include concepts for the next generation of VTOLs, public acceptance of urban mobility, support for disaster relief, or joint use of drones and rotorcraft for the same mission. The concepts submitted by the teams should not be precise case studies or in-depth technical analyses. The jury, consisting of EASA, EHA and the ROTORTHON godfathers led by AIRBUS, will evaluate the idea itself, the presentation and the defence of the concept.


About european rotors


The one an only European Event for the VTOL Comunity

EUROPEAN ROTORS has lifted off with an overwhelmingly successful event in 2022! Join us now for the 3rd edition of the one and only European event where you will meet the entire VTOL community and grow your business!  

The European Helicopter Association (EHA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have teamed up to create an exceptional showcase for the European VTOL branch: Industry, operators and the regulator are coming together and discussing the future of vertical flight. EUROPEAN ROTORS is the unique platform for the industry driven by the leading OEMs to do business and - at the same time – to share knowledge in a comprehensive educational programme.  

The renowned EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium has been integrated into the three-day event and focuses on the latest rotorcraft and VTOL developments from a safety perspective. The unique concept of the event is augmented by certified training sessions, best-practice seminars and workshops.  


Join us for the third edition of EUROPEAN ROTORS from the 27th to 30th November 2023 in Madrid, Spain.
We look forward to seeing you there.

Prizes for the rotorthon 2023

This year, the grand prize will be: 

Workshop at Elsa Industry (Bucharest Romania).


How to apply - FAQ

Any students from Europe,Turkey and North Africa are welcome to apply to the the ROTORTHON.

Each team is allowed a maximum number of 3 people. 

The topics will be something out of the VTOL sector. It can be from Urban Air Mobility to VTOL rescue vehicles. The exact topics will be announced from the godfathers of the challenge at the first day of the challenge. 

Each team of the live challenge has to organise their own travel to Madrid. For the search for a cheap accomodation, EUROAVIA can assist with.

For the online challenge, the team receives a presentation of the challenge from the godparents. The teams then have 12 days to prepare a concept paper describing their vision for tackling the problem. During this time, the teams will also have the opportunity to seek advice from experts in a Q&A session. After submitting the paper, the team has 18 days to prepare a video presenting their idea. 

The teams' videos will be presented together with live presentations of the challenge at the EUROPEAN ROTORS show. After the jury's decision, the winner of each challenge will be announced.

For the Live Challenge, the team will receive a presentation of the challenge from the godfathers on the first day of the EUROPEAN ROTORS fair. The teams then have 3 days to prepare a concept presentation describing their vision of how to tackle the problem. During these days, the teams will also have the opportunity to ask for advice from experts in the field in question and answer sessions. On the last day of the exhibition, the team must present their idea to the jury on stage using a PowerPoint presentation.

After the jury's decision, the winner of each challenge will be announced.